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At the beginning of November this year, we participated in the largest construction trade fair in Asia and the third largest trade fair of its kind in the world - ACETECH 2023 in Mumbai.

The whole exhibition was conceived magnificently, very well organized and the accompanying program was also worth it.

We presented AlgaClean photocatalytic coatings to the fair's visitors to protect facades and other surfaces from microorganisms. In India, we offer this technology especially for the protection of monuments made of natural stone. Our protective coatings attracted a lot of interest at the exhibition and we have many interesting contacts from India.

Did you miss this event, but would you still like to get in touch with us? Are you interested in cleaning with the help of nanotechnology? Write us a message! Use the contact form or email us at We are looking forward to collaborate with you!



Between September and November, we participated in the reconstruction of the Franciscan Monastery in Zagreb, an important Croatian monument, which is undergoing a complete renovation of its interior and exterior.

Our company was responsible for the rehabilitation and protective coatings on the facades of the church, which is part of the above mentioned monastery in the centre of the Croatian capital.

To protect the monument, we used the photocatalytic coating system AlgaClean, which is directly designed for this type of surfaces. The work was carried out in stages in close cooperation with Croatian conservationists and preservationists. All technological procedures had to be strictly followed and such an important monument had to be treated with the utmost care. The main contractor of the construction is the important Croatian construction company Spegra, with whom we have been cooperating for several years.

We are pleased to have been able to participate in the maintenance of cultural heritage in Croatia and we believe that our technologies and services will find their application in other important buildings abroad.



From 2nd to 5th November 2023, ACETECH Mumbai is taking place.

ACETECH is Asia’s leading trade fair for architecture, building materials, art and design, the third-of-its-kind in the world. Its forum offers opportunities to create a long-lasting impression on the decision-makers of the architectural industry.

At this fair, we present our innovative solutions for building preservation in India. We want to communicate a message here: Purify the air we breathe, free from the burden of unsightly algae and the threat of dangerous fungi.



Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC) NESCO



Between 19th - 21st March 2023, the third edition of the SME Convention 2023 was held in the capital of India, New Delhi.

At this event, we presented our unique AlgaClean photocatalytic coating system, based on the principle of photocatalysis, as well as our services. On this occasion, important contacts were established with Indian partners who showed great interest in our innovative technologies and products. The conference was attended by prominent ministers from various Indian states, as well as more than 1,500 representatives of Indian companies and dozens of foreign delegations from around the world. The Indian market is on the rise and represents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who have interesting and innovative products and also have the courage to enter the world of business right here. We are aware of this opportunity, which is why we want to expand with our own AlgaClean technology to India. Now in our third year of operating a subsidiary in the state of Karnataka in the city of Bengaluru, this event was a great opportunity to inform other Indian states and their entrepreneurs, investors and conservationists about our technology. If you are interested in the patented AlgaClean technology and are interested in establishing cooperation with us, please contact us.



After the earthquake in 2020, the sister company PRAGOTHERM, façade services, participates in the restoration of the Christian Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Zagreb, Croatia.

The materials used for the construction of this monument suffers from massive degradation by algae and fungi. In cooperation with local conservators, one of our AlgaClean Stone protective coatings is gradually applied to the facade of the cathedral. The composition is modified to increase the protection of the facades against the effect of microorganisms, as well as acid rain.
We organized a presentation of AlgaClean photocatalytic coating technologies for several Croatian companies and research institutes. The patronage of this event was accepted by the ambassador of the Czech Republic in Croatia, H.E. Mr Milan Hovorka, who also personally attended the event. We were very pleased with Mr Hovorka's participation. AlgaClean technology is already known to him from India, where he served as the ambassador of the Czech Republic to India in New Delhi.
The presentation included, among other things, a visit to the interior of the cathedral, which is currently closed to the public due to damage caused by the earthquake. We introduced the guests to the results of tests on the facades of the cathedral. Everyone was also able to practically test the effect of our technology and review the collected samples under a macroscope. The whole event continued in the residence of the Czech ambassador, where refreshments were served for the guests.
We believe that the AlgaClean technology has big potential on a global scale and will build the trust of conservators in the innovative technology of photoactive coatings on heritage-protected buildings.



We were delighted to have Mr Prakash, visiting us during his trip to Czech Republic. We have a wonderful business and personal interaction, so it was a pleasure to welcome Mr Prakash in Prague.

Shri C.S.Prakash is an Entrepreneur, Honorary Diplomat & Philanthropist. He is passionate about helping businesses discover and gain recognition through trends and nation building initiatives. Impulsive and highly creative individual. Love to champion brilliance in manufacturing and innovative projects that deliver first-class results to the present generation.

  • Winner of several National and International Awards from MSME (Govt. of India) awards 4 times.

  • Serving as the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Bengaluru, he has been fostering closer cooperation between India and the Czech Republic by promoting trade and business alliances between the two countries.

  • His organisation Pushpak is running under the glorious 30 successful years, which started in 1992.

  • His successfully ventures include multiple sectors, spanning Defence, Automobile, Precision Engineering, Electrochemicals, Industrial Fabrication and Start-up Incubator.

  • Some of his flagship achievements are critical components for mission critical projects viz. Mars Mission, Chandrayaan Mission, PSLV-C37, LCA, UAVs among others.


Together we visited the Technical University in Liberec – Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation. In addition to work matters, we took a boat trip and the time we had the opportunity to spend with Mr Prakash was in a friendly atmosphere. We believe Mr Prakash was also returning to India with a good feeling and we look forward to future cooperation.



Successful rehabilitation of the cultural significant statue of Maharaja Chamaraja Wodeyar at the Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bengaluru

The company AlgaClean India Private limited in cooperation with a sister company PRAGOTHERM façade services, were asked by representatives of the Government of Karnataka to rehabilitate the monument of the 23rd Maharaja of the Kingdom of Mysore, located in the Lalbagh Botanical Garden in the city of Bengaluru, South India. The entire monument is more than 7 meters high and the base measures approx. 5.5 x 4.5 meters. Our task was to evaluate the condition of the monument and propose a suitable technical solution. The sculpture was covered not only with algae and fungi, but also with air impurities and paint residues. We carried out rehabilitation, cleaning of the statue and its subsequent treatment with a photocatalytic coating. To protect the surfaces, we chose the product AlgaClean Stone, designed to protect natural stone against the growth of microorganisms. The entire action was closely monitored not only by the management of the botanical garden, but also by representatives of several Indian universities. The goal was to present AlgaClean technologies suitable for the protection and conservation of heritage buildings in India and at the same time demonstrate the effect of photocatalytic coatings.



Hemant H. Kotalwar, Ambassador of the Republic of India to the Czech Republic, accepted an invitation to the Technical University of Liberec (TUL). The meeting was initiated by our sister company PRAGOTHERM facade services.

"Cooperation with the Technical University of Liberec can be beneficial in several technological spheres. India is a big country and there are many opportunities to start this cooperation in the fields of textiles, nanofibers or protection of building materials. We met today precisely because the cooperation connected TUL and a company that is successful in India," said Ambassador Hemant H. Kotalwar.

Mr. Ambassador visited the laboratory of applied photocatalysis (LAF) of the Faculty of Mechatronics, Informatics and Interdisciplinary Studies of TUL, where AlgaClean, the self-cleaning photocatalytic coatings, are tested. These have the ability to protect various types of surfaces against the action of microorganisms such as algae or fungi. The principle of the protection lies in the fact that the UV component of sunlight activates the photoactive nanoparticles contained in the coating and the photocatalytic reaction destroys unwanted microorganisms. In addition, photocatalysis completely decomposes microorganisms, that is why a biofilm cannot grow on the surface of facades. The ambassador also visited the laboratories of the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovations CXI TUL.

His Excellency also encouraged greater student exchange between TUL and Indian universities. As part of the visit, he presented two TUL students with scholarships in Indian universities focusing on engineering, science, business and humanities. Thirty-eight students from India attended the Technical University in Liberec last year, twelve of them are doctoral students. Over the last ten years, 279 Indian students graduated from the University of Liberec, 51 of them received a doctorate. Currently, TUL also has 11 employees from India. They participate in university research and development.

TUL has signed Memorandum of Understanding with three Indian universities. These are PSG College of Technology in Coimbatore, Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi and Governmental College of Engineering and Textile Technology in Sermapore. According to TUL Rector Miroslav Brzezina, TUL cares about Indian students and would be happy if mutual cooperation could be deepened even more. 

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